Welcome to Crappie Fishing 101

Black Crappie|Crappie Fishing 101

Image via Eric Engbretson/US Fish & Wildlife

Welcome to Crappie Fishing 101.  My name is Lonnie Sallas and in this blog I will try to reveal some proven Crappie catching techniques that I have learned over the years. I have been Crappie fishing as long as I can remember, and have learned more than my share of tricks along the way.

Since there is no one person who knows all there is to know about fishing, I will also be gleaning ideas from other experienced anglers and sharing those ideas with you as well.  Topics such as lures to use, favorable water conditions, night Crappie fishing, tackle to use and others will be discussed.  There will be something here for everyone from beginner to advanced levels.

Hopefully you will find this blog both interesting and educational.  I encourage your ideas so do not be afraid to share valid Crappie fishing tips in the comments below.  Bookmark this site and visit often, as I will endeavor to keep you updated on with the latest tips & tricks to help you land more Crappie.