Short vs. Long Jig Shank – What Difference Does it Make?

Saltwater Jig Hook (Artificial Lures)
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Many fisherman do not understand what the difference is between a long jig shank and a short jig shank.  Understanding which jig shank length to use, and how to fish with it, will give you an advantage over your fishing buddies.

When you are vertical jigging, use the long shank jigs.  In a typical drop and lift type presentation like jigging next to a tree stump, you want the jig to hold your bait horizontally.  This is true whether you are just fishing with the plastic soft-bait, or putting a minnow on the jig.

Long shank jigs also help when the bite is slight.  A long shank jig will enable a better hook up on these short biting Crappie.

Use short shank jigs when you are casting.  You can cast and retrieve with just the jig, or tipped with a minnow.  The short shank will get through cover much better than a long shank jig, enabling you to spend more time fishing and less time tying on a new jig.

The compact profile of the short jig shank also looks more like a minnow swimming than it’s long shank cousin.

Use the proper jig shank length whenever you hit the water in search of Crappies, and you will have greater success.

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