Loads of Fun if You Can Catch the White Bass Run

Spring white bass run

The calender has turned to February, and if you’re itching to go fishing, then your best bet is to catch the White Bass Run.  White Bass will start their annual spawn run in the South during February.  In more Northern climates, it could be as late as April.

White Bass Swim Upstream to Spawn

White Bass will swim upstream to spawn.  The females lay their eggs in the current, and the males fertilize them as they flow downstream.  The fish will swim upstream to the very shallows to start the process.  If you can find a dam, and go fish just downstream of the dam, you should be able to find plenty of action.

What Kind of Tackle to Use

For tackle, you want to use a medium action rod, and a casting reel of your preference, with a 10 -12 lb. test line.  White Bass can pull like crazy, and will sometimes hit 2 at a time if you are fishing a tandem jig, so you want to be sure that your line can withstand that kind of pull.

It is also recommended that you make sure your line is in good shape.  Test your line before you head out.

Best Lures to Use

The White Bass will about anything thrown at them this time of year if you can catch them right.  I personally like to use either a small roadrunner, or a tandem jig set up like a Spec Rig.  Often you will get hung up fishing in the river, and Spec Rigs are cheap, so it doesn’t hurt my feelings as much to lose one of those.

Other baits you can try are anything that resembles a shad like a Rat-L-Trap, Jointed Minnow, Spoon, Rooster Tail Lure, or just use a live minnow or Shad.

Remember Your License & Size Restrictions

The White Bass Run is also popular with the Game Warden. Be sure that you keep your license with you, and that you adhere to all size & limit restrictions.

Fishing the Spring White Bass run can be a blast. If you catch one fish, you are probably going to catch 10 to 15 or more. And another bonus is that the Spring White Bass run can get a youngster hooked on fishing for life. So get out there and enjoy.

North American Fisherman Magazine