Lightning & Fishing Don’t Mix

lightning & fishing don't mix

Today I have some sad news to report.

Yesterday morning, a man was struck by lightning and killed while running crab traps in the Houston area.  His buddy was also struck, but survived the incident.

According to the survivor, there were no clouds overhead, and no rain at the time.  They were not aware that a thunderstorm was approaching at the time.

A lightning bolt may strike 25 miles from where the storm is located.  Yikes!  This could have happened to any one of us.  How many times have you been out on the water when a thunderstorm was approaching.  In this instance, they couldn’t even see the clouds from the thunderstorm yet.

According to the National Weather Service, 73 people are killed each year in the US by lightning, and hundreds more suffer life altering injuries due to surviving a lightning strike.

The state with the highest occurrence of lighting strikes is Florida.  Florida is recognized as the lightning capital of the US.

Lightning is the 2nd highest weather related killer.  Only floods cause more deaths annually than lightning.  This even includes such events as tornadoes, hurricanes, and snowstorms.  Kind of scary when you think about it.

Just make sure that you check the forecast before hitting the water.  If you live near the Gulf of Mexico, you know that afternoon thunderstorms are a common occurrence.  The combination of sweltering temperatures combined with Gulf moisture often triggers severe afternoon thunderstorm activity.

If you see or hear lightning, seek shelter immediately until the storm passes.  The biggest mess of fish in the world is not worth your life.

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