Lake Palestine White Bass a Nice Consolation Prize While Fishing for Crappie

White Bass & Crappie stringer

My Mom & Step-dad's Catch of White Bass

Often when you are fishing for Crappie, you will run into a school of White Bass.  White Bass often school ferociously and will hit your bait hard and fast.  They are not the finesse type of bite that a Crappie is.

I had the opportunity to go fishing Saturday night with my mom and step-dad who are not in good health, so I wanted to ensure that they had a good time.  We went under the 155 Bridge on Lake Palestine just at sunset hoping to catch a few Crappie.  It was my first time to fish Lake Palestine, so after talking with the locals and getting their fishing reports, I figured under the bridge would be a good spot.

About 10 minutes after we had tied off, the first fish was in the boat.  We had located ourselves on a drop from about 8′ to about 15′.  The action was fast and furious as the white bass were hitting our minnows as soon as we had them dropped down.  In fact, I spent most of the evening stringing fish and re-baiting my mom and step-dad’s lines.

Our lines were rigged as I show in the rigging your line for night Crappie fishing video.  We would drop our lines to the bottom, and reel up just a bit off the bottom.  White bass will either take the bait right away, or give a good bump and start running sideways with your line.  If they start running sideways, raise up and reel fast and you’ll get them.

We caught all that we wanted to clean in about 2 hours, and threw quite a few keepers back finishing off a bag of minnows that we had opened.  In the middle of it all, we did manage to catch 3 Crappie as well.  Although we would have preferred the Crappie, we were very pleased with our stringer.

Lake Palestine is a beautiful lake and the fishing seems to be really good.  For anyone that is new to the lake, it is important to talk with a local and find out where to run your boat if you are north of the 155 bridge as there are numerous  stumps all over.

I like to give good recommendations when I can.  Here’s one that you will appreciate.  You can buy minnows by the pound at Porter’s Sporting Goods on Hwy 155 just before the bridge.  This is usually cheaper than by the dozen like most places sell them.  They were extremely helpful (especially Sam) and gave very useful information about the lake.  Their phone number if you need to find them is 903-825-7464.

Sometimes while fishing for Crappie, you will catch more white bass.  But a nice stringer of white bass is a nice consolation prize.  If you are around the Palestine area, you might give Lake Palestine a try.