How to Rig Your Line for Crappie Fishing at Night

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought I would make this video detailing the way I rig my line when I am Crappie fishing at night.  I use a tight-line method with a live minnow or shiner as my bait of choice.  The minnow can either be lip hooked, or hooked just below the dorsal fin.  But be sure if you are hooking the minnow below the dorsal fin, that you keep the hook above the black line running through the minnow.  If you hook the minnow there or below, you will kill your bait.

Start by tying your weight on the bottom. I prefer to use a bell sinker, but almost any type will do.  If the water is calm, try to use as light of a sinker as you can get away with.  Crappie tend to either push the bait, or come up from the bottom and give lots of slack.  You want to use as little weight as possible to keep everything as natural as possible.  But, if the water is a little choppy, you may have no choice but to increase the weight.

After you have tied on your weight, make a loop know about 1 foot above the weight.  The loop should be about 4″.  Slip your hook on as shown on the video.  A quick tip if you are using small #2 gold wire hooks like I prefer to use.  Bite the line with your teeth so as to pinch it.  This will enable you to slide the line through the eye of the hook.

If the fish are really biting, you can tie on another hook above the bottom hook about 8-12″ up.  Make sure that you don’t get these loops too close, or else your bait may tangle on the way down, and prohibit you from making your catch.  But if the fishing is slow, you may want to stay with the one hook so that you don’t knock off additional bait if you are trying to set the hook on a fish.  Many times when night fishing for Crappie, you will catch several little fish before the big ones start biting.  You do not want to waste your bait on the little ones and not have enough left for the big ones.

I hope this method of rigging your line for night Crappie fishing works for you.  There are many different ways of rigging your line, but this method has worked for me for many years.  Give it a try night or day.