How to Catch Crappie this Memorial Day Weekend

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You may be asking just how to catch Crappie this Memorial Day weekend.  One of the toughest times to catch fish in my opinion is a holiday weekend.  The waters are much more crowded than normal.  After all this is the first official weekend of Summer.  All of this activity can spook the fish and make it hard to find the bite.

Holiday weekends are one of my least favorite times to fish, but you can still have a successful trip if you factor in the conditions and adapt as necessary.

Although the following tips will not guarantee that you will catch a limit of Crappie, it will give you some ideas of where and how to catch them.

  • Try fishing at night – After all of the boat traffic has died out, you will have a much better chance of success by fishing at night.  Use a lantern or a submersible light over the boat to attract the bait-fish, which will in turn attract the Crappie.  Use live minnows while fishing at night for best success.
  • Fish in the coves – Find protected coves off the beaten path.  Pay attention to wind direction, and fish the side of the lake with coves that are protected from the wind in the coves.
  • Fish in the stumps – Crappie love cover, and water-skiers do not.  Try dropping a jig vertically around stumps.  Use different colors and jig head weights until you find a combination that works.  You can also tip your minnow for an enhanced offering.
  • Fish early – If you are going to fish in the daytime, get up early.  You will have the best chance of catching fish before the pleasure boaters get the water all stirred up.
  • If you are fishing from the bank, try throwing a live minnow or jig under the boat docks. The Crappie will be a bit spooked by all of the traffic on the local lakes, so your best chance of catching fish is way up under the dock.
  • Try to fish less frequented waters – Fishing local ponds, rivers, and streams may provide more opportunity for a successful fishing trip.
  • Fish in 12 – 20 foot of water this time of year whenever possible. The Crappie have finished their spawning activity, and have moved offshore.  This time of year, they tend to suspend in water that is anywhere from 12 to 20 foot deep.  Try fishing about 1/2 way down, and if you don’t get any bites, lower your line a couple of feet and try that.
  • Fish deeper water in the heat of the day. As the bright sun penetrates the water, the fish will retreat deeper.  They especially like underwater cover such as logs and ledges under the water.  Look for such structure on your depth finder if you have one.

I hope these tips help you catch more Crappie this Memorial Day Weekend.  Have a good time and give thanks this weekend for our brave soldiers who fought and died for our freedom.

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