Heat Up the Night with Submersible Fishing Lights

Before modern technology had evolved to what it is today, fisherman used to simply hang lanterns from the sides of their boat to attract fish. Now you can actually purchase a submersible fishing light that can help you attract fish.

While submersible lights won’t guarantee that you’ll catch fish, they can greatly increase your chances. This is because plankton are attracted to the light which will attract the small fish like minnows and other bait fish.  After the minnows and shiners arrive, the Crappies, White Bass, Hybrid Bass and other species of game fish won’t be too far behind.  It’s basically what you’d call the food chain.

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One thing that’s important to note is that you do need to be fishing in an area that is known to have fish. If you have been fishing there before and you’ve never got a caught a thing then you can’t expect a light to make any difference. If there aren’t any fish around, they won’t be swimming near the light and you’ll go home empty handed.  Look for structure and underwater brush piles just as you normally would.

When you’re shopping for night fishing lights you should opt for florescent light because they use less power than a traditional light source. You also want to get a light that you can submerse underneath the water. If you leave the light above the water, most of the light is going to reflect off of the surface and won’t make much of a difference. You’ll have much better luck if you can submerge your light beneath the water’s surface.

I like to put out two submersible fishing lights when I am Crappie fishing.  I will put one at the front  of the boat and one towards the back.  This enables everyone fishing to be near a light source.  It also really lights it up under water so as to really attract the fish. The most common colors of night fishing lights purchased are the fluorescent green submersible lights, or the white headlight style lights that lay on top of the water and shoot straight down.

It’s important to remember that if you’re fishing from a boat you will want to make sure it’s anchored. If you’re drifting it’s going to be harder to attract the fish.

If you enjoy night Crappie fishing, try picking up a couple of submersible fishing lights. This will greatly increase your chances of catching a limit of big healthy slabs.