Get the Right Color Fast with the Lindy X-Change Jig System

A new product is out specifically designed to make jig fishing much easier.  The Lindy X-Change jig system helps you change jig head color or weight, without having to cut and re-tie your line.

If the fish aren’t biting a particular color, then just change the color of the jig head by popping the old one off, and popping the new one on.  You can even choose to go with a heavier weighted jig head when you change colors.

Many fisherman are hesitant to experiment with different colors while jig fishing, due to the fact that they don’t want to have to go through the trouble of re-tying.

Lindy X-Change Jig Kit - 80 Pieces Lindy X-Change Jig Kit – 80 PiecesA $29.99 value!All jigheads feature Lindy’s X-Change swap-out system10 each: 1/16 and 3/8 jigheads in assorted colors20 each: 1/8 and 1/4 jigheads in assorted colors20 hooks in assorted colorsPlastic carry case to organize the whole kitThe 80-piece Lindy® X-Change Jig Kit is perfect for anglers who want it all! With four weights and a myriad of colors, this X-Change Jig Kit has something for every hungry aquatic mouth. And best of all, the X-Change Jig’s innovative yet simple design allows anglers to swap out heads without having to tie their line. A slotted, hollowed-out jighead is the key. Simply tie directly to the hook, then the hook slides in and locks into the jighead. So the next time the fish aren’t biting…change it up!. Lindy® X-Change Jig Kit – 80 Pieces

Give the Lindy X-Change jig system a try. If you like jig fishing, I know you are going to like it.

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