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If the Wind Is Blowing – Don’t Forget to Fish the Windward Bank

After about an hour of catching no fish, I realized that we should have moved when the wind shifted directions. I took a look toward the bend about 200 yards down river, and noticed a bunch of bait-fish jumping around.


The Thermocline and How it Affects Summer Crappie Fishing

If you are going to be a successful Crappie fisherman in the Summer, particularly in Southern climates, you need to understand the thermocline and how it works.


Heat Up the Night with Submersible Fishing Lights

Crappie Night fishing lights come in many different forms and colors. A submersible fishing light puts really lights up the underwater area drawing plankton, minnows, and eventually the big fish.


Lightning & Fishing Don’t Mix

Thunderstorms can spring out of nowhere and send bolts of lightning down. Take immediate cover even if a storm is within 25 miles of where you are.


Submerged Brush-piles Provide Hot Summer Crappie Action

Summer Crappie fishing can be smokin hot if you know where to find them. Tips on How to Catch Crappie in the Summer months.


How to Catch Crappie this Memorial Day Weekend

Crappie fishing on Memorial Day weekend, or any other holiday weekend for that matter, can be challenging. Tips to remember to help catch more crappie on holiday weekends


Lake Palestine White Bass a Nice Consolation Prize While Fishing for Crappie

While fishing for Crappie, sometimes you will have to settle for White Bass if that is what is biting. These hard fighting fish are a blast to catch. Lake Palestine offers some very good White Bass fishing.


Short vs. Long Jig Shank – What Difference Does it Make?

What's the difference in a long vs short jig shank length? Find out which jig shank length you should be using.


Not Without Hope | The Consequences of Overlooking Boating Safety

Not Without Hope is the riveting story of Nick Schuyler's 40 hour ordeal at sea fighting for survival. It is also a grim reminder of the consequences of overlooking boating safety.


Cascade Series 4 Pc Pack Rod 8 1/2 Spinning Rod

  • 8 1/2 Foot 4 Pc Pack Rod
  • Medium-Medium Heavy Action
  • 8 to 17 pound line – 1/2 ounce to 1 1/2 Ounce Weight
  • Perfect for salmon, steelhead, bass, surf, bottom fishing
  • Eva Handle, strong guides, glass through blank

Product Description
8 1/2 Ft 4 Pc Travel Spinning Rod 8-17 lb Line 1/2 – 1 1/2 oz

4 pc 8 1/2 foot pack rod breaks down into 4 pieces at about 26 inches. This would be a good catfish, bass, steelhead, salmon or redfish rod.

It has a nice medium action with a slightly slower tip.

A great fishing rod to take to the bass pond, lake, or river, or to the salmon stream or the ocean. Has a nice length butt for fighting the big ones or holding easily. Lightweight and compact.

Would be a v… More >>

Cascade Series 4 Pc Pack Rod 8 1/2 Spinning Rod

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