Crappie Fishing Report for Luce’s Bayou 2/21/10

jig fising for crappie

A Surprise while Jig Fishing for Crappie

Finally got the opportunity to hit the water Sunday.  Being early in the season, I decided to try Luce’s Bayou that feeds into Lake Houston on the North side of the lake.  The lakes are much deeper, and the water will not warm as quickly as a smaller body of water like Luce’s bayou.

Luce’s Bayou has many underwater ledges, brush piles, fallen timber, and boat docks which provide cover for fish of all species.  Crappie at this time of year are in their pre-spawn pattern, and holding a bit offshore in 3-5′ of water in Luce’s Bayou.

We caught several fish using live minnows fished under unweighted corks.  Most of the Crappie that we caught were undersized and had to throw back.  However, we caught a few really nice white bass using live minnows.  But all in all the action was slow and the fish were a bit undersized.

In talking with other fishermen on the water, it seems that they were all having the same results.  Catching fish, but throwing most of them back.

We tried several different spots during the course of the day.  Late morning we even tried to do a bit of jigging for Crappie.  That is when I caught the bass pictured above.  He was caught in about 4′ of water by a tree stump using a white head jig and chartreuse tail.  Goes to show that every now and then you’ll get a surprise when jig fishing for Crappie.

With the oncoming cold front this week, I know that I will not be hitting the water.  But the following week should be just about the right timing for fishing in the smaller waters in Southeast Texas.  Depends on how long the cold front hangs around and what it does to the surface water temperature.

Now is a good time to get your tackle ready, and check your boat trailer, and boat to ensure that they are ready to go.  We had a flat on the trailer on the way out to Luce’s Bayou, which delayed our fun.  Be prepared, because in a couple of weeks, it’ll be on!