Backcountry Crappie Fishermen Reveal

How to Catch Crappie

How to catch Crappie tips and tricks. Techniques, tackle, seasonal fishing conditions are all discussed.

Learn to Read Your Sonar

Many new fishermen have bought a new sonar unit and not really know how to use it.  There is a bit of a learning curve to be able to recognize what all of the images are on the depth finder.

If you are not real familiar with how to use a sonar unit, I would encourage you to CLICK HERE to visit the discussion over at the Texas Fishing forum.  On this thread various anglers show pictures of their units and explain what you are looking at.

Aside from hiring a guide to take you out and show you how your unit works, this is the best way to learn.

Over at the Texas Fishing forum, you will find some of the most knowledgeable Crappie fishermen that exist.  Even if you do not live in Texas, join in and learn from the experts.

Once again, to see photographs and learn how to use a sonar/depthfinder unit Click Here.


Spring Crappie Fishing Tips

The spawn is on at many lakes across the southern US. The water temperatures have risen and if you can catch the conditions just right, you should be able to land a few slabs. The #1 bait for catching Spring Crappie is without a doubt a live minnow. It has been estimated that over 50% of all Crappie are caught on live minnows. I am not totally sure of the accuracy of that quote, but I happen to believe it. The problem is that sometimes the local bait shops will run out of minnows if the fish are really biting. Other effective live baits you can use are crickets and


The Thermocline and How it Affects Summer Crappie Fishing

If you are going to be a successful Crappie fisherman in the Summer, particularly in Southern climates, you need to understand the thermocline and how it works.


Submerged Brush-piles Provide Hot Summer Crappie Action

Summer Crappie fishing can be smokin hot if you know where to find them. Tips on How to Catch Crappie in the Summer months.


How to Catch Crappie this Memorial Day Weekend

Crappie fishing on Memorial Day weekend, or any other holiday weekend for that matter, can be challenging. Tips to remember to help catch more crappie on holiday weekends


Short vs. Long Jig Shank – What Difference Does it Make?

What's the difference in a long vs short jig shank length? Find out which jig shank length you should be using.


Rigging Your Line For Night Crappie Fishing

Catch more crappie with this rig for night crappie fishing. Visit for more tips on how to catch those big slabs.

Doodlesocking for Spring Crappie

Doodlesocking is a funny name for a very effective way to catch Crappie. A very successful technique for Spring Crappie fishing.


Get Ready for Spring Crappie Fishing

Time to get ready for Spring Crappie Fishing. Make sure your tackle is ready, and know where to look for those slabs.


How to Rig Your Line for Crappie Fishing at Night

My method of rigging your line for tight-line fishing for Crappie at night. Loops allow the minnow to move about creating a more lifelike offering.


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