Backcountry Crappie Fishermen Reveal

Crappie Catching Tips & Tricks

tips & tricks to land those Crappie. Catch more Crappie with our proven crappie catching tips.

Rigging Your Line For Night Crappie Fishing

Catch more crappie with this rig for night crappie fishing. Visit for more tips on how to catch those big slabs.

Doodlesocking for Spring Crappie

Doodlesocking is a funny name for a very effective way to catch Crappie. A very successful technique for Spring Crappie fishing.


Get Ready for Spring Crappie Fishing

Time to get ready for Spring Crappie Fishing. Make sure your tackle is ready, and know where to look for those slabs.


How to Rig Your Line for Crappie Fishing at Night

My method of rigging your line for tight-line fishing for Crappie at night. Loops allow the minnow to move about creating a more lifelike offering.


Your Color Guide to Crappie Jigs

Color Guide to Crappie Jigs

Color Guide to Crappie Jigs

One of the most popular ways to catch crappie is with the use of crappie jigs.  Crappie jigs basically are weighted jig heads with various types of bodies attached.  But how do you know which jig color combination you should be using?  There are many varying opinions in regards to which crappie jig colors work best, but the following basic guidelines should get you on the right track.

Jig Fishing in Clear Water

When you are fishing in clear or slightly stained water, try to match the color of your crappie jig to the color of what the fish are feeding on.  The main staple for Crappie are small bait-fish like minnows.  Jigs with silver and white hues work well in this situation. Read more…

Use a Telescopic Fishing Pole to Reach Spring Crappie

Spring is rapidly approaching and as the temperature heats up, so does the crappie action.  Crappie will start moving in to spawn when the water temperature climbs to anywhere between 52 – 60 degrees.  When these slabs move to the shallow water, one of the best ways to catch them is the use of a Telescopic Crappie fishing pole or a long cane pole.  These poles allow the angler to drop a bait in a hole that they would not otherwise be able to cast to. Read more…

11 Quick Night Crappie Fishing Tips & Tricks

night crappie fishing

Night Crappie Fishing

When the sun goes down, the action often heats up for Crappie.  Sometimes it is difficult to fish a body of water during the day due to the heat and the constant stream of boats churning up the water.  If you have experienced these frustrations, then try your hand at night Crappie fishing.

The following tips should help catch your limit of Crappie and help keep you safe on the water. Read more…

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