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Get the Right Color Fast with the Lindy X-Change Jig System

A new product is out specifically designed to make jig fishing much easier. The Lindy X-Change jig system helps you change jig head color or weight, without having to cut and re-tie your line.


Crappie GrubMaster Crappie Kit

  • Special Price – $21.99 a $27 value
  • 62 Pieces with a Plano Box
  • Ideal For Light and Ultra-Light Presentations
  • Excellent of Fresh and Saltwater Crappie
  • Designed to Fit Inside Grubs, Tubes & Spiders Horizontal Slow Fall Swimming Action

Product Description
This compact, complete kit is perfect for the avid Crappie and Panfish angler, featuring a unique new approach to fishing with jigs and plastics. Kit contains patented Crappie GrubMaster Jig heads and most popular plastic bodies in the hottest colors and sizes. Instructions and diagrams on rigging are included. Super kit for Crappies and Panfish. Information and contents are combined in a compact Plano box.
FEATURES: The 12 Crappie GrubMaster Jigs in 1/16 & 1/32 oz… More >>

Crappie GrubMaster Crappie Kit

BNB Crappie jigs

Crappie Dale, takes Tackle manufactor Rich Matthews of the Ozarksecrets Bait Co., and his ol buddy Mr.Jigging Wiggens out on Lake Tawakoni Tx for some HOT! BNB Crappie jig Slab slinging action