Welcome to CrappieFishing101.com.  Glad you made it.

My name is Lonnie Sallas and I love to go Crappie Fishing about every chance I get.  I know there are perhaps other species of fish that put up better fights, and are considered more of a “game fish”, but I just like the taste of Crappie and the feel of catching them using light tackle.

I began fishing when I was very young.  I can’t remember exactly when it began, but for as long as I can remember, I had a fishing pole in my hand.  I grew up on a creek and would often spend my early mornings and late afternoons fishing for perch, bass, catfish, or whatever happened to show up.

It is my wish that you find something on this site that will be of use to you on your next fishing trip.  Do I know everything there is to know about Crappie fishing?  Heavens NO!

I believe that there is something to be learned from all fishermen.  Every one of us has our little tricks that work for us, and although we don’t think much of it, it could prove a vital piece of info for another angler.  In this blog I will reveal my tricks that I already know, and tricks that I learn about.  I am always talking with other anglers and reading articles on how to become a better Crappie fisherman.

I will include articles on this blog that are not written by me, to give some perspective to other views, especially from other areas of the country.  I live in Texas, and what works well in Texas, may not be the best technique in Michigan for example.

If you have an idea to make the site better, feel free to shoot an email.  Comments are closed on this blog due to the huge amount of spam it was receiving when it first started.  I simply don’t have time to read and approve a bunch of comments where the majority are just spam and don’t add value.

Once again welcome.  Pull up a chair and stay a while.

Good Fishing to you!