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Build Your Own Crappie Condo Structure

Building a Crappie Condo

You ever get tired of looking for good underwater structure to fish?  Why not build your own Crappie condo structure?

You may be asking “what in the world is a Crappie condo?”  Well, it is basically an assortment of pvc plumbing pipes that are put together in such a way as to provide an artificial structure that fish will flock to.  Many fisherman will employ many different elaborate designs, but the following is just a basic “how to” so that you can get back to fishing.

Building a Crappie condo is pretty easy.  Get a bunch of pvc pipes and place them in a bucket in a random manner.  But before you do, be sure to sand the pipes so that the algae will be able to collect and grow on them underneath the water.

Get a 5 gallon bucket.  Now pour the Quickcrete mixed with water in so that the bucket becomes a concrete block so to speak.  Be sure to leave the handle up so you can lower the bucket underwater without it tipping over.

When you are done, find a spot in 10 – 15 ft of water to drop your Crappie condo in.  If you made more than 1 Crappie condo, try to place them about 8-10 feet apart so you can build a nice big structure.

Here is a very good video summarizing how you could make your own Crappie condo:



Be sure to mark your spot via GPS or with some sort of landmark so that you can find it later.

If you are looking for other ideas on how to build your Crappie condo, here is another video that you can glean some more ideas from:


That should give you enough ideas on how to build a Crappie condo structure.  You don’t have to break the bank to do this.  Often you will have the stuff you need laying around the house or in the garage.

Sink a Crappie condo today, and catch more fish for years to come.